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Rejoice Animation

Song By Purple Mountains Majesties,Animated By Me

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My Interview With: Caleb,From The Saddle

Fullerton Natives My Pet Saddle Are Out There Making A Difference In Music,I First Discovered Their Significance Back In 08' When They Played Alongside The Redwalls In Los Angeles.And From Then On I've Found Myself Listening To This Band And Enjoying What They Have To Offer.And Im Glad To Have Been Able To Have Interviewed One Of The Members,Caleb. Who I Have Once Had A Conversation With At A 4th Of July Party Saddle Played At,From What I Remember,It Was A Conversation That Consisted Of "Lennon Or McCartney".Anywho,Enjoy The Interview:
Where Did The Name My Pet Saddle come from?
"Miguel wanted a weird name like flying burrito brothers or strawberry alarm clock and it was the first thing that popped up in his head. Really there was no thought to it."
My Pet Saddle Has gone through several lineup changes through the years,What makes you Content with the current band?
"We are all on the same page as far as what we want to hear in our music and what we have to put into the band works."
Who Writes The Songs?
"Chris and i will either write a song and bring it in or we'll have an idea and we'll write it out as a band. No matter what we all will write our own parts and it gives us the sound we have. As far as the lyrics go i'm the main writer."
What Subject matter is Covered in the songs of My Pet Saddle?
"There is a lot talked about mostly in metaphors, like lost love lost friendships and personal experiences with playing in the band. I never go into a song knowing what i'm going to write about, it's usually just something on my mind at the time."
You guys have played many venues,from Warehouses,To The Prospector, to The House Of Blues,But Where was your favorite gig Thus Far?
"All of the HOB shows have been great, any little festival such as the jubilee festival which had a great turn out for its first year and i can't forget South by. But all in all i think we really look forward to warehouses and parties because we can really hang out and party with the people who come to our shows and get to know some of our fans on a name basis."
If Anywhere In The World,Where Do you guys strive to play?
"I think we all agree that England would be an amazing place to play and that we would do so well if we had the chance. I really think that Europe would enjoy the sounds of saddle."
We've just Seen the Release Of My Pet Saddles first Album,Laughing At Me.What Can you Tell us about this album?
"This album was a mixture of a bunch of old material that we've been wanting to release and a few new ones. The album title was taken from a song i wrote called laughing at me about people who talk about you behind your back. The album was originally 13 or 14 tracks i'm not sure at this point but we decided to save a couple in case we needed more material in the future. The album was recorded in a warehouse by lucas drake and it took three days."
What Was The Recording Proccess Like For You Guys? In Other Words,Would you Rather Use a 4 Track for its Vintage Sound. Or A Mac For Its Innovative Qualities?
"We actually recorded live on an 8 track and then bounced it to pro tools for the mixing and most of the vocals. So i guess you can say we like both mainly because pro tools is so convenient and easy to use."
Who Can you Consider Among My Pet Saddle's Influences ?
"That's tough, I'll name a few besides the bands around us that continually influence and push us to do something different and original.
The Bees, Jaques Dutronc, The Beatles, The Walkmen, The Strokes, Neil Young,The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, CCR, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Van Morrison, Harry Nilsson, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, The Zombies, Big Star, and The Beach Boys. Just to name a few of the general influences that we don't mind leaking."

Where And When Did My Pet Saddle Start?
"About four years ago Miguel was using his sisters mac and it had garage band so he decided to record some of his own ideas he had and people actually liked it. He called his side project My Pet Saddle. At that time Miguel was playing in a band called The Digits from Fullerton CA. After a late Digits show one night i decided to ask Miguel if he'd be interested in starting a band with our drummer Jacob and because we had some really cool ideas, or so we thought at the time. He said yeah and when i gave him some band name ideas he recommended that we just take the name of his side project and we kept the songs, for a while anyway, that he wrote and the rest is history."
What Differenciates This Band From Other Artists In The LA,Orange County Music Scene?
"We try not to sound like any of the bands we play with and we are constantly pushing each other to listen to new artists and simply do what's been done before but in a new way and write the songs that we like to hear."
What Do you enjoy most about playing music?
"The thing we enjoy the most is being able to play for a crowd and have them enjoy the music that we worked hard to create."
What Can We Expect From You guys in the up and coming months and years?
"We are currently writing as many songs as we can and hopefully we can release Laughing at Me on vinyl, release an EP to lead up to our second album, and go on a small tour at the end of December."

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My Interview With: Dcigs

This is my 3rd interview.In this I talk to One of the funniest people on YouTube, Dcigs About Life,Humor,And The Messy-Messy World

Q: When did you Start Using the Internet as A tool for promoting your Comedy?
Dcigs: “Well, It started a long time ago in like the 11th grade? I started to tell jokes on a school forum for my school. The people started to enjoy them, and then I started my own podcast where I uploaded prank calls and people really responded to the prank calls. After that someone bought me a webcam and I started to do a live stream show, then on that live stream I started to do prank calls and upload them to my YouTube channel. And soon people started to subscribe to my prank calls and tell me how funny I was that's how I got my first 4k subscribers On Youtube. I thought to myself that the internet is going to be the biggest tool I use to achieve success. It is part 2 of my 3 part goal. And that if I can gain fame of any amount online first then I can attack the world of comedy better than any other performer before me. So I decided I will talk to every fan, every person, reply to all emails, all comments, or try my hardest too.”

Q: What did your Childhood consist of? We never really hear about early Dcigs.
Dcigs: ” My childhood consisted of a lot of anger, a lot of pain, a lot of abuse. I was never really liked by girls. I never was really a great person. I acted out because of my trials and tribulations, I stole, I beat people up. I was molested by family members, and treated very poorly by my family members besides my grandmother. My childhood is what made me very angry at the world and people in it.”

Q: When Life Hands You Lemons, What Do you do?
Dcigs: “Jerk off with the Juices”
Q:What Do you long for in life?
Dcigs: “Success of the mind, love of the soul, admiration of the heart, and conquering of my dreams.”

Q: You've Cited Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor as your heroes When It Comes to Comedy, What About those two influenced how you do what you do?
Dcigs: “Actually those weren't the only comedians that really influenced me; there is Bill hicks, And Sam Kinison as well. I mean I am them and they are me. I looked at what made them successful and it was the truth. So I told myself I will be totally me, I will be totally truthful. I am the only person you will meet that will tell you his entire life in ten seconds without even knowing you. So I got from them the truth. And to bring forward the angers of your life things that upset you, and to tell embarrassing stories of myself”

Q: What was it in your opinion that got you to be a popular You Tube User?
Dcigs: “I am not popular as of yet, I don't think I am as big as I should be or could be. I think I need a lot more funny videos before I even think I am remotely popular. But I'll have to say, the angry black man series, and the prank calls. Are what made me really popular by your words. I think a recent video I did the Pine sol commercial is what a lot of people enjoy about my page as well.”
Q: Where do you aspire to be in Ten Years?
Dcigs: “Ten years? Man an HBO special, a showtime special, cd's, a movie deal, a tv show, and a lot of friends. One of my goals is to get popular enough to be able to go cross country and meet my YouTube family and rent a giant tour bus called, "the storm is cumming" and pack it full of the YouTube users and we go to a giant arena and have a fuckin party.”
Q: Do you Consider Improv to be the best form of Comedy?
Dcigs: ”Sometimes, Like that angry black man series most of those are Improv and I am happy when they're funny and people like them because when I am done I always say man this isn't as good as I hoped. But every time I release it people say it's funnier than the last. I say improv is a real big beast man.”
Q: People seem to pester you a lot about doing Prank Calls, Something you are the King Of No Doubt, But Do They expect you to Be 40 years old and still doing such things to their convenience? I'd think your better than a Prank Call.
Dcigs: “Thanx, I think I did some of the biggest best prank calls that Millions will never see. Because of circumstances that I couldn't control. I did so many prank calls that make some of the big prank callers, Rickey smiley, or Friday night pranks or even ownage look like infants. And I am not being rude or mean or anything I am just saying what I know and what I did. I once did a 90 minute prank call doing over 20 characters. No one ever did that. I did a poison control prank; I did so many crazy out of the world hardcore extreme prank calls.But I am 21 and I saw a 40 year old prank caller whom I had beef with (Zolar) Still doing prank calls and it made me very scared and sick. I do not want to be 30 or 40 and still doing Esther Green pranks? I have more talent than a voice and a phone. And I want to do other forms of comedy mainly sketch, stand-up. I loved the pranks but they aren't my bread and butter anymore and there not fun to do anymore.”
Q: I heard you Ruffled Joe Rogan's Feathers a while back, what was that all about?
Dcigs: “I used to be a regular on Joe Rogan's forum. They all really treated me shitty from the get go and he did nothing. They called m racist words they made fun of my sickly grandmother and the nigga didn't say or do anything in defense of another human. But I still enjoyed the man for his work. So he had a tour which stopped in Houston and I decided to go and when I saw him I ran and hugged him and picked him up and that resulted in him being pissed off. So we tussled. After the fight I apologized and that was it. But I am very angry with him for how he allowed others to treat a person of color and I am very angry with his crew for there lies about the situation. Joe made it a point to tell people he doesn't want them using the word nigger on his forum anymore, and I said well why didn't he say this when I was being called it every day? He made it a point to ban people from the site that made fun of someone's sick family member, yet when my grandmother was made fun of he allowed it and laughed at the comments. Therefore he isn't the person I thought he was and I no longer visit his site as I used too.”
Q: What do you have to say to people who are "conspiracy theorists" That say things like Lady Gaga is Illuminati cause she has satanic references in her video, That Bush Planned 9/11, And that the Moon Landing was filmed in a studio.
Dcigs: “Look, I say that all that conspiracy stuff is dumb and I don't really care. I am 21 I have so many things to look forward to in life I don't have time to worry about is there really a moon, does Gaga gag when she blows dudes. Get over it and live your life. You're living a conspiracy, you're alive.”

Q: What's your Favorite Word?
Dcigs: “Cunt”

Q: What's Your Least Favorite Word?
Dcigs: “Bye.”

Q: How Many Different Voices can you do?
Dcigs: “I used to be able to do 31 voices Now maybe 20 if I am lucky.”

Q: What Food Establishment can you consider yourself, not "Angry" at, In other words, what's a good meal in the eyes of Dandre Siggers?
Dcigs: “I really Like Sonic, they got some good ass food there. I really like Hamburgers pizza and hotdogs.”

Q: Who is your favorite Character that you've portrayed throughout the years? If so, Why
Dcigs: “Esther Green, that lady is not even a character anymore. She is more like a real person to me. I think she is so funny, so talented, so amazing. I really love her.”

Q: What Can We Expect from Dcigs in the Coming months?
Dcigs: “Well, in the oncoming months I am going to produce more videos and hopefully we get a Hit right? LOL. I am going to do five more Angry black man's and end that series for a short while. Do more Siggascation Episodes which is currently my favorite series. I got a new series someone gave me the idea to do which is called Siggas true Hollywood stories. Because you guys really don't know me aside from a funny video. And ill touch on the Joe Rogan incident Better.”
Many Thanks To Dcigs:Subsribe To Him on YouTube Here

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My Interview With: 89 The Brainchild

Q: Introduce Yourself To The Readers Out There, If You Will.
89:"i'm 89 the Brainchild. 89er... Jersey boy, hip hop artist, the list goes on"
Q: Who do you cite as Your Influences?
89: "Mostly comedians. i always respected how these stand ups could tell their life story; good bad and the ugly and not worry bout being judged. they kept it real. alot more than these other rappers feeding us tall tales and s**t."
Q: What Has the City of Los Angeles Done For you As an Artist?
89: "i picked up on the similarities between the east and west as well as other regions. seeing reactions in Jersey from one song differing out in LA made me consider restructuring sets and whatnot. it was independent research out here lol"
Q: What makes 89 a Brainchild?
89: "i'd like to think "brainchild" as a universal title for everyone. a brainchild is simply the product of an idea. Walt Disney's brainchild is an empire of s**t starting from just one hand drawn mouse. Bills Gates to Microsoft... our parents; u, me, whoever checking this interview out, had the brilliant idea of having sex and we were the result. there are alot of ideas out there that haven't been put in motion. we are not the case tho. we are ALL a bunch of brainchildren."
Q: How did it All start?
89: "I think i found "89er" around high school. i had a job and was doing theater in school. every check, i'd buy whatever rap album was on the shelf. for the theater mention, i was pretty much the only *cough* black *cough* guy into hip hop; they were putting me on to other styles. i remember i bought the Justin Timberlake s**t wit timbaland on the beats and Method Man's... last solo the same day LOL. it made me a multi dimensional artist as well as a person. put me in any party i'll blend in someway "
Q: Do you intend to Stay Independent as an Artist, or are you climbing the Proverbial “Mountain” As They Call it in Show business,and exposing your music to a main stream audience?
89: "look at artists like Immortal Technique, Tech Nine, Murs, Wiz, Spitta. they all were doin quite well for themselves with out the machine. it proves it can be done. u don't need a Warner Bros, Interscope or whatever emblem stamped on a CD to get ya voice heard. i'd only put myself in a label position if i can definitely come out on top"
Q: Outside Being an M.C, what do you like to do?
89: "getting back to NJ i'm considering geting back into theatre. i do a lil production and song writing in other genres if u heard my last tape where i sang a bit... 2D fighting games and i'm a pro wrestling and UFC fan LOL"
Q: I Say Hip Hop, you Say:
89: "Where?"
Q: I Say Rap, you Say:
89: "*shrugs* Whats new"
Q: Is There a Difference Between the two in your mind? (Hip Hop, Rap)
89: "Hip Hop is the core. from hip hop came the subgenres: Rap, Trip Hop ...& Grime in England, the trap rap in the south etc. Rap is just rapping. Hip Hop is rapping, the gear, the talk, its culture as much as anything else like perhaps religion. Hip Hop will change ur drinking choices LOL. chicks wasnt drinking that Nuvo s**t or Ciroc like that till rap videos showed everybody sipping it."
Q: Do The Green Things In Life Help or Hurt Your Creative Process?
89: "LOL it's not needed. right now i'm on down time with the next projects still in their mixing stages. so i'm not pressured to write and record so i smoke as a means to let go of the tension and recharge. sometimes i'll come up with a catchy hook if i'm hella high LOL"
Q: Where In The World Do Wish To Perform At Among All Others?
89: "South x Southwest in Austin. its just a real place to be if u like fresh music. my boy did a few spots there this year. i'm crossing my fingers to get on the bill... I'd say Hot 97 SummerJam but i got a feeling my set wouldnt go over too well LOL"
Q: What Subject matter do your songs revolve around, Is It always different?
89: "i got alot of stories. and every story has some kinda of lesson but i'm not trying to force feed u at the sacrifice of the entertainment. i'll tell u about how my 9 to 5 sucked and you'll bump it for the sake u can relate but at the end of the song u may think about finally looking for a better job. ya dig LOL"
Q: Has Rahway, NJ helped you establish your name as an Artist?
89: "Fawk Yea! they made the artist lol. did my first headlining spot in Rahway. Formatic Clothing, one of my sponsors, got me that gig and they are based outta Rahway as well. alot of musicians i'm cool with from where ever had something linking them to Rahway allowing me to build with them"
Q: What Is Your Favorite Part About Being In Front Of A Crowd?
89: "Crowd reactions i think. seeing the group of girls in the corner rapping the hooks to my songs. the most thugged out dude saying he dug one of my lesser hip hop songs lol. i get to connect with ppl thru music"
Q: Project wise, What Can We Expect from 89 the Brainchild In The Future?
89: "I got my next project (Trill MF'n Cosby) in the mixing stages. still making a few tweaks on that regarding background vocals and what not. With the first record out (I'm On ft Wordspit) i'm hoping to get a full project in Harddrives around late october maybe early November. a few side projects on standby. i dont wanna say too much and not be able to produce so i'll leave it at Trill MF'n Cosby later in the year and Check out my last tape Chocolate Pudding if u havent already"

My Interview With: Del The Funky Homosapien

I've been a fan of Del's music ever since 2001 when i heard him get down on Clint Eastwood with Dan Nakamura and Gorillaz,my interest eventually progressed into me wanting to hear more stuff from this guy because his words were so intricate,Thats when I Found "I Wish My Brother Was Here". And Ever Since then I've found myself being into Del's stuff.I've had the privilege to see him twice in Concert,Even For free one time up in West Hollywood,i had the chance to meet him that time around.he's a really cool and modest dude,and you'll see that in this interview,he also took time to address the rumors about a Deltron Sequel and his Involvement with Gorillaz which people seem to be Very Confused about.Im glad to have been able to have gotten a hold of him on his Facebook.where i set up the interview.Anyways,Here's How it went:

Q: We’ve just seen the release of your new joint Entitled “It Aint Illegal Yet” What can we expect from this album since last we heard from Del?
Del: Well, with this lp I really just went back to a basic 80's hiphop bare beat production style and more of my insane insights on tha game and dealing with life in general. I also took a more futuristic approach to tha drum beat production, I wanted to expand upon it and not just re-create another "Rock The Bells" by LL Cool J, for example. Also, I haven't changed much as I've gotten older in age, so I still check out what's happening in music. What is poppin now is basically mega-80's style, if I can say that. I have an intimate relationship with that era as far as hiphop goes so I just used that knowledge and fused it with ideas of how I thought it shouldve grown with how the scene actually is.

Q: What made you decide to make your recent music easier to acquire by putting it out for free or having people pick their price?
Del: “The pick your price and free music is simply because that's how it started. I'm not too good to do it now. I still just wanna play the game and have people appreciate my music because I know that I'm better than alot of these cats out here assin around. It was like that in high school when I did it for fun and mental stamina, and it's still why I do it now. Then people started to notice that I wasn't foolin around, I was serious about it.
Yeah I need racks to support my music habit now. All the more reason to be just as dedicated to the art as before.”

Q: You’ve mentioned in past interviews that you were studying Music theory during your Leave of Absence from Hip Hop back in the Early 2000’s. How has that affected your outlook on how you go about doing your music?

Del: “Studying music has had an incredible effect on how I experience sound and music, period. There's so much that we actually think we discovered that actually has a recorded history before we were born. It's great! I'm the type of person who was always eager to listen to someone who knows, who can give me some insight. So to have just the history of music itself and Black music specifically, at my fingertips, it's very useful. Some people think just because the music is electronics based today that it's not real, they been poppin that shit for centuries. It's all just tools to get to an and. Sure it's easier to create tunes now but that's what the technology is for. Life is faster paced with way more demands of us today, so really every advantage must be taken to make it out here and be heard. Music theory is the cornerstone of all the techie stuff or any other instrument. It gives you your pallette to work with, your shapes and colors to draw with so to speak. Also traditional techniques to build upon.”

Q: What made you want to get involved in Hip Hop?
Del: “The primary attraction to hiphop was the fact that what they were rappin about I could see right outside my door in the street on my way to school. It was so real! I thought that wasn't allowed in music up to that point. Also, I'm a gifted student: high comprehension skills, very good at subjects like English. I started getting into poetry very young like 3rd grade. I was reading Dr Suess books at 2 years old. So basically I was supposed to rap I feel.”

Q: How do you manage to keep it real and authentic musically after all these years in which we’ve seen so many artists go from seeing the necessities of their music being Lyrical Abilities and Flow, To worrying about their Image and whether they’ll be on MTV ?
Del: “Like I said earlier, I haven't changed much since I was a kid, and never felt the need to: as a matter of fact, I always considered the way the world worked as being unnecessary and geared toward the rich staying rich off of peoples ignorance, but that's another page...My point being is that I haven't abandoned the things that made me who I was then. And now especially since everything I was into is now accepted and bigger than before, it's even more fun than it was before! But I guess those things are also the same things that got me signed as well. So it is what it is I guess.Malcolm X was also my hero growing up so maybe that too has alot to do with it, I dunno...”

Q: For a couple years now, there’s been rumors floating about there being a sequel in the works Deltron 3030, Will We See another Chapter being etched in the Saga that is Deltron?
Del: “Yes, there is a sequal sort of to Deltron, Event II is the title and it's just about finished actually.”

Q: What Happened With you being a Part of Gorillaz Escape to Plastic Beach Tour?

Del: "As far as the Gorillaz tour, I dunno. They weren't kickin in, if you smell me...and honestly I really didn't wanna go anyway, no offense to the guys at all. But I been at work on some interesting NEW musical developments that are more exciting to me and important than doin Gorillaz right now, if they don't wanna break bread. I feel I'm as important as all the other lavish crazy expenses they puttin into it. But hey, I dunno, nothin personal, I still love the OG idea of Gorillaz."

Q: Have you paid attention to anything they [Gorillaz] have done musically since you did your part on their first album in 2001? Like for instance, listening to their albums that followed their Debut?

Del: "Checking out the other Gorillaz projects? Honestly? No, but that don't mean they ain't good. It's just like I told people before: it ain't really my steez. Look, I be slapping 40 and Cam'ron half the time over here, I live in Richmond, CA, you dig? I'm not sayin I'm closed minded, but my lifestyle kinda demands more aggressive sounds. And personally music wise, to get even more evil, more funky, more aggressive sounds is my whole quest really. That's just my personality, but hey I'm the Funky homosapien for a reason."
Q: Have you and DefJux Gone Separate Ways since Eleventh Hour?

Del: "Me and DefJux...well, we only had a deal for that lp so that was that.
But El-P wasn't diggin the business side too tough, he wanted to get back to focusing on being an artist again, and I totally support El-P in whatever he wants to do, I don't care. I haven't spoke to El-P in quite awhile, I dunno if he mad at me, cuttin everybody off or what. But that's how I feel about El-P that's my dude for real, always has been."
: Other than you being a funky human being, there is something some people don’t know about Del; he’s also known to be a Gamer.

Del: "You know what? I honestly ain't been playin games seriously in years, time to. To be the best you gotta really be the best, you know what I mean? I'm music 24-7 around the clock, that's it man...I have been playing the hell outta Skate3 tho, I love that game, but I had to put that down too after spending nights and days in a row stuck to it...I'd rather be studying or making more advancements in sound in my Sonic Concrete Lab over here."
Q: And Lastly,What’s next for you Project-Wise?
Del: " what's next projectwise? Too much to list but one thing that I'm really excited about is working with a young woman out of the East Bay named Hopie Spithard...we have been working along with her producer 6Fingers on a record called Dolls And Robots. And we on some next shit. While still keepin it somewhat lissenable, of course..Once business slows down to a more regulated pace (which may not come in my lifetime at this point in the nation), I am still always ready to Hiero it out with another record and everybody in the clique knows that they just gotta catch me and it's on cause all I do is music all day, that's a given if you know me. Me and Aplus got several projects but DZLFuel and Hypnotized are probably the main doggies we got planned. Im also pretty good friends with Psalm One too, and I'm always checking in on her to see what I can be involved in with her.Me and BukueOne were fleshing out a few projects as well...that's all I can put a x on right now...but I'm always cookin so just be ready! It's all a matter of can I get it out there?"

Many Thanks To Del.You Can Buy His New Album At His Site(Below)

All Disgruntled Gorillaz Fans who have it twisted,You Need To Understand Where Del's Coming From.He Keeps It Moving and Does His Own Thing As An Artist.Can You Really Blame Him? I asked that question to Bury The Rumors, So Let's just Let it be.And enjoy what Gorillaz have to offer as a band.And what Del has to offer as an artist.



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Drawing Practice: Disney Animation

I've always loved Disney's animation,and how even after Walt diedthey carried on with some some animaticaly impressive films that some have grown to love. i decided to do a little study on the characters of Disney and here it is.From a Smiling Crocodile to Lions with Crowns.
-R. Manda
The Nine Old Men Were All Great Artist's in Their Own Individual Ways.
May They All


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Ideas (1)


My Art & Photo Portfolio

from ryan manda on Vimeo.

Cinéma Enfance

(A Greatest Hits Of My Childhood Filmmaking)

when my friends and i had a little more youth about us

from ryan manda on Vimeo.

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Maharaja's Pacyderm Radio Broadcast

With Little to be explained but alot to be heard,These Videos below are my doing.
Though only Im only featured in one song in this Broadcast and or Podcast i put together.
I figured id show people a Musical Mix of.New,Up and Coming,and Aged,that will get their toe tapping.The Genres on here are various so be aware of the Difference When At First you hear Robert Shaw pelt out a Sea Shanty.And then Hear Karen O sing the Sorrow filled 'Hideaway' From Spike Jones' "Where The Wild Things Are" soundtrack.Be on your toes and be prepared for the Audio Portion of The Maharaja's Pacyderm Project Im Working on.10 and 6 are comin soon.Keep a Weather Eye Out!
P.S: Check The Links Under Each Video If you'd like

Da Lench Mob,The Growlers,McCartney

The Hour Eclectic,Jim Morrison,Gorillaz,Radiohead

The Vultures From The Jungle Book,King Geedorah,Bobby D.

George Sanders(Jungle Book Clip),Howlin Wolf,Quasimoto,Regina Spektor

Apache Sunrise Song,Sam Cooke,Aesop Rock

Robert Shaw(Jaws Excerpt),Karen O And The Kids,Henry Rollins/Black Flag

J Pat O'Malley(Jungle Book Excerpt),My Pet Saddle,Grandaddy,
And An Unpublished Manuscript For J.D Salinger,Read By Willliam Daniels,Written By Rider Strong.
R.I.P J.D Salinger