Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Interview With: Caleb,From The Saddle

Fullerton Natives My Pet Saddle Are Out There Making A Difference In Music,I First Discovered Their Significance Back In 08' When They Played Alongside The Redwalls In Los Angeles.And From Then On I've Found Myself Listening To This Band And Enjoying What They Have To Offer.And Im Glad To Have Been Able To Have Interviewed One Of The Members,Caleb. Who I Have Once Had A Conversation With At A 4th Of July Party Saddle Played At,From What I Remember,It Was A Conversation That Consisted Of "Lennon Or McCartney".Anywho,Enjoy The Interview:
Where Did The Name My Pet Saddle come from?
"Miguel wanted a weird name like flying burrito brothers or strawberry alarm clock and it was the first thing that popped up in his head. Really there was no thought to it."
My Pet Saddle Has gone through several lineup changes through the years,What makes you Content with the current band?
"We are all on the same page as far as what we want to hear in our music and what we have to put into the band works."
Who Writes The Songs?
"Chris and i will either write a song and bring it in or we'll have an idea and we'll write it out as a band. No matter what we all will write our own parts and it gives us the sound we have. As far as the lyrics go i'm the main writer."
What Subject matter is Covered in the songs of My Pet Saddle?
"There is a lot talked about mostly in metaphors, like lost love lost friendships and personal experiences with playing in the band. I never go into a song knowing what i'm going to write about, it's usually just something on my mind at the time."
You guys have played many venues,from Warehouses,To The Prospector, to The House Of Blues,But Where was your favorite gig Thus Far?
"All of the HOB shows have been great, any little festival such as the jubilee festival which had a great turn out for its first year and i can't forget South by. But all in all i think we really look forward to warehouses and parties because we can really hang out and party with the people who come to our shows and get to know some of our fans on a name basis."
If Anywhere In The World,Where Do you guys strive to play?
"I think we all agree that England would be an amazing place to play and that we would do so well if we had the chance. I really think that Europe would enjoy the sounds of saddle."
We've just Seen the Release Of My Pet Saddles first Album,Laughing At Me.What Can you Tell us about this album?
"This album was a mixture of a bunch of old material that we've been wanting to release and a few new ones. The album title was taken from a song i wrote called laughing at me about people who talk about you behind your back. The album was originally 13 or 14 tracks i'm not sure at this point but we decided to save a couple in case we needed more material in the future. The album was recorded in a warehouse by lucas drake and it took three days."
What Was The Recording Proccess Like For You Guys? In Other Words,Would you Rather Use a 4 Track for its Vintage Sound. Or A Mac For Its Innovative Qualities?
"We actually recorded live on an 8 track and then bounced it to pro tools for the mixing and most of the vocals. So i guess you can say we like both mainly because pro tools is so convenient and easy to use."
Who Can you Consider Among My Pet Saddle's Influences ?
"That's tough, I'll name a few besides the bands around us that continually influence and push us to do something different and original.
The Bees, Jaques Dutronc, The Beatles, The Walkmen, The Strokes, Neil Young,The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, CCR, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Van Morrison, Harry Nilsson, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, The Zombies, Big Star, and The Beach Boys. Just to name a few of the general influences that we don't mind leaking."

Where And When Did My Pet Saddle Start?
"About four years ago Miguel was using his sisters mac and it had garage band so he decided to record some of his own ideas he had and people actually liked it. He called his side project My Pet Saddle. At that time Miguel was playing in a band called The Digits from Fullerton CA. After a late Digits show one night i decided to ask Miguel if he'd be interested in starting a band with our drummer Jacob and because we had some really cool ideas, or so we thought at the time. He said yeah and when i gave him some band name ideas he recommended that we just take the name of his side project and we kept the songs, for a while anyway, that he wrote and the rest is history."
What Differenciates This Band From Other Artists In The LA,Orange County Music Scene?
"We try not to sound like any of the bands we play with and we are constantly pushing each other to listen to new artists and simply do what's been done before but in a new way and write the songs that we like to hear."
What Do you enjoy most about playing music?
"The thing we enjoy the most is being able to play for a crowd and have them enjoy the music that we worked hard to create."
What Can We Expect From You guys in the up and coming months and years?
"We are currently writing as many songs as we can and hopefully we can release Laughing at Me on vinyl, release an EP to lead up to our second album, and go on a small tour at the end of December."

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