Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maharaja's Pacyderm Radio Broadcast

With Little to be explained but alot to be heard,These Videos below are my doing.
Though only Im only featured in one song in this Broadcast and or Podcast i put together.
I figured id show people a Musical Mix of.New,Up and Coming,and Aged,that will get their toe tapping.The Genres on here are various so be aware of the Difference When At First you hear Robert Shaw pelt out a Sea Shanty.And then Hear Karen O sing the Sorrow filled 'Hideaway' From Spike Jones' "Where The Wild Things Are" soundtrack.Be on your toes and be prepared for the Audio Portion of The Maharaja's Pacyderm Project Im Working on.10 and 6 are comin soon.Keep a Weather Eye Out!
P.S: Check The Links Under Each Video If you'd like

Da Lench Mob,The Growlers,McCartney

The Hour Eclectic,Jim Morrison,Gorillaz,Radiohead

The Vultures From The Jungle Book,King Geedorah,Bobby D.

George Sanders(Jungle Book Clip),Howlin Wolf,Quasimoto,Regina Spektor

Apache Sunrise Song,Sam Cooke,Aesop Rock

Robert Shaw(Jaws Excerpt),Karen O And The Kids,Henry Rollins/Black Flag

J Pat O'Malley(Jungle Book Excerpt),My Pet Saddle,Grandaddy,
And An Unpublished Manuscript For J.D Salinger,Read By Willliam Daniels,Written By Rider Strong.
R.I.P J.D Salinger

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