Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Interview With: 89 The Brainchild

Q: Introduce Yourself To The Readers Out There, If You Will.
89:"i'm 89 the Brainchild. 89er... Jersey boy, hip hop artist, the list goes on"
Q: Who do you cite as Your Influences?
89: "Mostly comedians. i always respected how these stand ups could tell their life story; good bad and the ugly and not worry bout being judged. they kept it real. alot more than these other rappers feeding us tall tales and s**t."
Q: What Has the City of Los Angeles Done For you As an Artist?
89: "i picked up on the similarities between the east and west as well as other regions. seeing reactions in Jersey from one song differing out in LA made me consider restructuring sets and whatnot. it was independent research out here lol"
Q: What makes 89 a Brainchild?
89: "i'd like to think "brainchild" as a universal title for everyone. a brainchild is simply the product of an idea. Walt Disney's brainchild is an empire of s**t starting from just one hand drawn mouse. Bills Gates to Microsoft... our parents; u, me, whoever checking this interview out, had the brilliant idea of having sex and we were the result. there are alot of ideas out there that haven't been put in motion. we are not the case tho. we are ALL a bunch of brainchildren."
Q: How did it All start?
89: "I think i found "89er" around high school. i had a job and was doing theater in school. every check, i'd buy whatever rap album was on the shelf. for the theater mention, i was pretty much the only *cough* black *cough* guy into hip hop; they were putting me on to other styles. i remember i bought the Justin Timberlake s**t wit timbaland on the beats and Method Man's... last solo the same day LOL. it made me a multi dimensional artist as well as a person. put me in any party i'll blend in someway "
Q: Do you intend to Stay Independent as an Artist, or are you climbing the Proverbial “Mountain” As They Call it in Show business,and exposing your music to a main stream audience?
89: "look at artists like Immortal Technique, Tech Nine, Murs, Wiz, Spitta. they all were doin quite well for themselves with out the machine. it proves it can be done. u don't need a Warner Bros, Interscope or whatever emblem stamped on a CD to get ya voice heard. i'd only put myself in a label position if i can definitely come out on top"
Q: Outside Being an M.C, what do you like to do?
89: "getting back to NJ i'm considering geting back into theatre. i do a lil production and song writing in other genres if u heard my last tape where i sang a bit... 2D fighting games and i'm a pro wrestling and UFC fan LOL"
Q: I Say Hip Hop, you Say:
89: "Where?"
Q: I Say Rap, you Say:
89: "*shrugs* Whats new"
Q: Is There a Difference Between the two in your mind? (Hip Hop, Rap)
89: "Hip Hop is the core. from hip hop came the subgenres: Rap, Trip Hop ...& Grime in England, the trap rap in the south etc. Rap is just rapping. Hip Hop is rapping, the gear, the talk, its culture as much as anything else like perhaps religion. Hip Hop will change ur drinking choices LOL. chicks wasnt drinking that Nuvo s**t or Ciroc like that till rap videos showed everybody sipping it."
Q: Do The Green Things In Life Help or Hurt Your Creative Process?
89: "LOL it's not needed. right now i'm on down time with the next projects still in their mixing stages. so i'm not pressured to write and record so i smoke as a means to let go of the tension and recharge. sometimes i'll come up with a catchy hook if i'm hella high LOL"
Q: Where In The World Do Wish To Perform At Among All Others?
89: "South x Southwest in Austin. its just a real place to be if u like fresh music. my boy did a few spots there this year. i'm crossing my fingers to get on the bill... I'd say Hot 97 SummerJam but i got a feeling my set wouldnt go over too well LOL"
Q: What Subject matter do your songs revolve around, Is It always different?
89: "i got alot of stories. and every story has some kinda of lesson but i'm not trying to force feed u at the sacrifice of the entertainment. i'll tell u about how my 9 to 5 sucked and you'll bump it for the sake u can relate but at the end of the song u may think about finally looking for a better job. ya dig LOL"
Q: Has Rahway, NJ helped you establish your name as an Artist?
89: "Fawk Yea! they made the artist lol. did my first headlining spot in Rahway. Formatic Clothing, one of my sponsors, got me that gig and they are based outta Rahway as well. alot of musicians i'm cool with from where ever had something linking them to Rahway allowing me to build with them"
Q: What Is Your Favorite Part About Being In Front Of A Crowd?
89: "Crowd reactions i think. seeing the group of girls in the corner rapping the hooks to my songs. the most thugged out dude saying he dug one of my lesser hip hop songs lol. i get to connect with ppl thru music"
Q: Project wise, What Can We Expect from 89 the Brainchild In The Future?
89: "I got my next project (Trill MF'n Cosby) in the mixing stages. still making a few tweaks on that regarding background vocals and what not. With the first record out (I'm On ft Wordspit) i'm hoping to get a full project in Harddrives around late october maybe early November. a few side projects on standby. i dont wanna say too much and not be able to produce so i'll leave it at Trill MF'n Cosby later in the year and Check out my last tape Chocolate Pudding if u havent already"

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