Friday, August 13, 2010

My Interview With: Dcigs

This is my 3rd interview.In this I talk to One of the funniest people on YouTube, Dcigs About Life,Humor,And The Messy-Messy World

Q: When did you Start Using the Internet as A tool for promoting your Comedy?
Dcigs: “Well, It started a long time ago in like the 11th grade? I started to tell jokes on a school forum for my school. The people started to enjoy them, and then I started my own podcast where I uploaded prank calls and people really responded to the prank calls. After that someone bought me a webcam and I started to do a live stream show, then on that live stream I started to do prank calls and upload them to my YouTube channel. And soon people started to subscribe to my prank calls and tell me how funny I was that's how I got my first 4k subscribers On Youtube. I thought to myself that the internet is going to be the biggest tool I use to achieve success. It is part 2 of my 3 part goal. And that if I can gain fame of any amount online first then I can attack the world of comedy better than any other performer before me. So I decided I will talk to every fan, every person, reply to all emails, all comments, or try my hardest too.”

Q: What did your Childhood consist of? We never really hear about early Dcigs.
Dcigs: ” My childhood consisted of a lot of anger, a lot of pain, a lot of abuse. I was never really liked by girls. I never was really a great person. I acted out because of my trials and tribulations, I stole, I beat people up. I was molested by family members, and treated very poorly by my family members besides my grandmother. My childhood is what made me very angry at the world and people in it.”

Q: When Life Hands You Lemons, What Do you do?
Dcigs: “Jerk off with the Juices”
Q:What Do you long for in life?
Dcigs: “Success of the mind, love of the soul, admiration of the heart, and conquering of my dreams.”

Q: You've Cited Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor as your heroes When It Comes to Comedy, What About those two influenced how you do what you do?
Dcigs: “Actually those weren't the only comedians that really influenced me; there is Bill hicks, And Sam Kinison as well. I mean I am them and they are me. I looked at what made them successful and it was the truth. So I told myself I will be totally me, I will be totally truthful. I am the only person you will meet that will tell you his entire life in ten seconds without even knowing you. So I got from them the truth. And to bring forward the angers of your life things that upset you, and to tell embarrassing stories of myself”

Q: What was it in your opinion that got you to be a popular You Tube User?
Dcigs: “I am not popular as of yet, I don't think I am as big as I should be or could be. I think I need a lot more funny videos before I even think I am remotely popular. But I'll have to say, the angry black man series, and the prank calls. Are what made me really popular by your words. I think a recent video I did the Pine sol commercial is what a lot of people enjoy about my page as well.”
Q: Where do you aspire to be in Ten Years?
Dcigs: “Ten years? Man an HBO special, a showtime special, cd's, a movie deal, a tv show, and a lot of friends. One of my goals is to get popular enough to be able to go cross country and meet my YouTube family and rent a giant tour bus called, "the storm is cumming" and pack it full of the YouTube users and we go to a giant arena and have a fuckin party.”
Q: Do you Consider Improv to be the best form of Comedy?
Dcigs: ”Sometimes, Like that angry black man series most of those are Improv and I am happy when they're funny and people like them because when I am done I always say man this isn't as good as I hoped. But every time I release it people say it's funnier than the last. I say improv is a real big beast man.”
Q: People seem to pester you a lot about doing Prank Calls, Something you are the King Of No Doubt, But Do They expect you to Be 40 years old and still doing such things to their convenience? I'd think your better than a Prank Call.
Dcigs: “Thanx, I think I did some of the biggest best prank calls that Millions will never see. Because of circumstances that I couldn't control. I did so many prank calls that make some of the big prank callers, Rickey smiley, or Friday night pranks or even ownage look like infants. And I am not being rude or mean or anything I am just saying what I know and what I did. I once did a 90 minute prank call doing over 20 characters. No one ever did that. I did a poison control prank; I did so many crazy out of the world hardcore extreme prank calls.But I am 21 and I saw a 40 year old prank caller whom I had beef with (Zolar) Still doing prank calls and it made me very scared and sick. I do not want to be 30 or 40 and still doing Esther Green pranks? I have more talent than a voice and a phone. And I want to do other forms of comedy mainly sketch, stand-up. I loved the pranks but they aren't my bread and butter anymore and there not fun to do anymore.”
Q: I heard you Ruffled Joe Rogan's Feathers a while back, what was that all about?
Dcigs: “I used to be a regular on Joe Rogan's forum. They all really treated me shitty from the get go and he did nothing. They called m racist words they made fun of my sickly grandmother and the nigga didn't say or do anything in defense of another human. But I still enjoyed the man for his work. So he had a tour which stopped in Houston and I decided to go and when I saw him I ran and hugged him and picked him up and that resulted in him being pissed off. So we tussled. After the fight I apologized and that was it. But I am very angry with him for how he allowed others to treat a person of color and I am very angry with his crew for there lies about the situation. Joe made it a point to tell people he doesn't want them using the word nigger on his forum anymore, and I said well why didn't he say this when I was being called it every day? He made it a point to ban people from the site that made fun of someone's sick family member, yet when my grandmother was made fun of he allowed it and laughed at the comments. Therefore he isn't the person I thought he was and I no longer visit his site as I used too.”
Q: What do you have to say to people who are "conspiracy theorists" That say things like Lady Gaga is Illuminati cause she has satanic references in her video, That Bush Planned 9/11, And that the Moon Landing was filmed in a studio.
Dcigs: “Look, I say that all that conspiracy stuff is dumb and I don't really care. I am 21 I have so many things to look forward to in life I don't have time to worry about is there really a moon, does Gaga gag when she blows dudes. Get over it and live your life. You're living a conspiracy, you're alive.”

Q: What's your Favorite Word?
Dcigs: “Cunt”

Q: What's Your Least Favorite Word?
Dcigs: “Bye.”

Q: How Many Different Voices can you do?
Dcigs: “I used to be able to do 31 voices Now maybe 20 if I am lucky.”

Q: What Food Establishment can you consider yourself, not "Angry" at, In other words, what's a good meal in the eyes of Dandre Siggers?
Dcigs: “I really Like Sonic, they got some good ass food there. I really like Hamburgers pizza and hotdogs.”

Q: Who is your favorite Character that you've portrayed throughout the years? If so, Why
Dcigs: “Esther Green, that lady is not even a character anymore. She is more like a real person to me. I think she is so funny, so talented, so amazing. I really love her.”

Q: What Can We Expect from Dcigs in the Coming months?
Dcigs: “Well, in the oncoming months I am going to produce more videos and hopefully we get a Hit right? LOL. I am going to do five more Angry black man's and end that series for a short while. Do more Siggascation Episodes which is currently my favorite series. I got a new series someone gave me the idea to do which is called Siggas true Hollywood stories. Because you guys really don't know me aside from a funny video. And ill touch on the Joe Rogan incident Better.”
Many Thanks To Dcigs:Subsribe To Him on YouTube Here


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